10 Best Hats For Bald Men – Easy Accessories for 2024

If you’re bald, you understand that the best hats for bald men serve more than one purpose. They undoubtedly protect the exposed skin on your head from the elements, providing warmth in winter and sun protection in the summer. But they also help newly bald dudes feel more comfortable in their skin by providing a variety of looks and framing their facial features.

In fact, hats are easier for bald men to wear because there’s no hair to mess up, and you’ll get a great fit against the shape of your head. Plus, next to a beard, hats are great for bald men because they provide the chance to have a little fun and express your personal style.

I’m not crazy about all types of hats for bald men, or even haired men, but there are many styles that work. From baseball caps and beanies to bucket hats, I think you’ll find just the hat your bald head is looking for.

Let’s take a peek at the top 10 hats for bald men below.

Key Takeaways 

In my search for the best hats for bald men, I pored over hundreds of styles, brands, and reviews while also using my fashion expertise until I reached the top 10 hats for bald men.

Overall, my favorite choice is Stiksen 105 Ventile dad cap, because it thrives in all types of weather and works in all seasons. Both waterproof and wind-proof, bald men are sure to love it, and appreciate the ability to choose from three different sizes. In the winter months, a snuggly beanie for bald heads is great. I love the Extrafine Merino Cashwool hat from Aurelien for that.

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Aurelien Extrafine Merino Hat

Why it’s Great: This Merino hat from Aurelien provides the extra warmth bald men need in winter because it’s made of Cashwool. Unlike regular wool, which can be itchy, especially if you haven’t moisturized, Cashwool is thick and warm like wool but silky like cashmere. Talk about perfection. This hat easily folds into your pocket, and comes in 14 gorgeous colors, so styling is a dream.

How it feels: Beanies are great hats for bald men because they tend to look good on everyone. Whether you’re in a parka or denim jacket, they just work.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Because the fabrication is rather luxe and prone to shrinkage, you can’t throw it in the wash. Dry clean only, please. Fortunately, you’re much less likely to stink it up with sweat in winter.

Type: Beanie  | Colors: 14  | Material: 100% Extrafine Merino wool | Care: Dry clean only

Why it’s Great: This is one of the best hats for bald guys in terms of protection and comfort. This is the hat you need on a hike, at the beach, or working in the yard. It’s foldable, durable, and comes with a wide brim to shield your skin from sun. Mesh panels on each side let moisture and heat escape. If sweat does manage to trickle down, the built-in sweatband will catch it so it doesn’t fall in your eyes. And an adjustable chin strap means it won’t blow off your head and you can throw it over your shoulder without fear of losing it.

How it feels: The manufacturer notes that the waterproof coating has an initial strong glue smell, so they recommend letting it air out for a day or two after purchasing.

Flaws, but not dealbreakers: It’s not breaking any ground fashion-wise, and it’s not exactly sexy, but if you’re looking for ample protection, this hat provides. Though it only comes in one size, there is a rear elastic drawstring to help you find a comfortable fit.

Type: Sun hat  | Colors: 22 | Material: 100% Polyester | Care: Hand wash only, hang to dry

Why it’s Great: The Ankor Performance Baseball hat is one of the best hats for bald guys because it combines looks and performance into one stellar hat. It’s sporty, but attractive and comes with nifty features like UPF 50 sun protection and water-resistance that repels water and sweat so it won’t leave any yellow stains behind. It’s designed to float in water, which is great if you’re at the beach or fishing. Lastly, laser-cut holes keep your head cool and dry.

How it feels: The sweatband is super soft and comfortable, and shouldn’t leave marks when you take it off.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Unfortunately, it’s one size fits all, but it does come with a snapback feature for making small fit adjustments.

Type: Baseball  | Colors: 7  | Material: 100% Polyester | Care: Hand wash only with soap

Why it’s Great: If you were a trucker hat guy back in the day, you’ll be pleased to know they’re back. But this isn’t some cheap, kitschy version of a snapback trucker hat. Hurley knows what’s up when it comes to sport and comfort, so this snapback cap has all the right features, from a great fit and subtle logo to superior breathability.

How it feels: This cap for bald head is lightweight and breathable with a vented crown for lots of comfort. Its niftiest detail is probably the H20-Dri sweatband that keeps you cool in all kinds of weather.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: While the mesh back is certainly breathable, it makes the hat look pretty casual, so it’s not exactly versatile. However, if you need a casual snapback, it’s easy to wear. I think you’ll love it.

Type: Baseball cap | Colors: 12  | Material: 100% Polyester | Care: Hand wash only

Why it’s Great: Bucket hats are very on trend right now, and because they’re unisex by nature, I think they look cute on everyone. This bucket hat from Vilebrequin has just enough brim to protect you from the sun, but it’s small enough to see out of. Like a beanie, it folds easily in your bag or pocket without causing any creases or damage.

How it feels: I like that Vilebrequin makes their bucket hat from durable linen, which is a naturally cooling fabric.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: I do wish there were more solid colors to choose from, as the color options feel summer-specific, but do they make some pretty fun patterns, including this cool linen tortugas.

Type: Bucket hat | Colors: | Material: 100% Cotton | Care: Hand wash only

Why it’s Great: Few hats scream style and old world sophistication quite like a Panama hat. Frescobol Carioca’s Straw Panama hat is the perfect combination of rugged yet refined, with a wide band detailing around the base. Because they’re hand woven from Toquilla palm straw by artisans in Ecuador, no two hats are truly alike. You can choose from four different sizes for your ideal fit.

How it feels: Panama hats are one of the best hats for bald head for the summer because they’re light and comfortable in sticky weather. They’re possibly the only hat that looks great with a suit (I’m sorry, but unless you’re Don Draper, no fedoras).

Flaws but not deal breakers: Because these hand-made hats require so much skill and artistry to make, they’re typically expensive. But a Panama hat is truly special, and will protect the delicate skin on top of your head for years to come. An excellent investment.

Type: Panama | Colors: | Material: 100% Toquilla straw | Care: Do not wash

Isto Corduroy Cap

Why it’s Great: Plain polyester and cotton are fine, but why not try a different, more dynamic fabric to amp up your style game? In a nice twist, this Isto hat is made from organic, OEKO-TEX certified baby corduroy. Because the material is midweight, it’s designed to be thrown on all year long.

How it feels: It comes in a classic, relaxed silhouette, so it’s easy to wear on the daily. As for fit it’s one size fits all, but it comes with an adjustable band at the back for comfort.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Even though it comes in four attractive colors, including a soft baby blue, I understand that corduroy can be limiting. However, as I said before, it’s mid weight, and is comfortable any time of year.

Type: Dad cap  | Colors: 4  | Material: 100% organic cotton | Care: Wash warm water

Why it’s Great: Whether you’re currently bald or on the way there, an easy fix is throwing on a dad cap, which happens to look great on everyone. I love the hats from Stiksen because of their impeccable attention to detail, attractive colors, and overall look and feel. I especially love the combination of oyster and navy blue. The Uniform has a delicate plain weave for a casual look, which is perfect for an easy baseball cap. Plus they have three different sizes to choose from, each with an adjustable tab at the back.

How it feels: Like all of Stiksen’s caps, the Uniform Cap is made from sustainable organic cotton, which is a naturally breathable fabric. This is especially great on a warm day.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some reviewers noted that the cap is slightly shallow. Luckily, the Ventile is a good fix for that.

Type: Dad cap  | Colors: 10  | Material: 100% cotton | Care: Not applicable

Why it’s Great: This light raffia bucket hat is one of the best hats for men, but I love it for bald men especially because the small brim offers extra shielding from the sun. It’s handcrafted in Florence, Italy, and comes with a trendy logo square for a modern touch. An adjustable chin strap makes it great for the beach. Attach it to your neck so it won’t blow off in the wind or waves.

How it feels: Raffia is lightweight and cool on the head, making it the perfect comfortable choice for a day in the hot sun.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: I wish there were more color options to choose from, but in my experience, the light raffia color pairs back to pretty much everything.

Type: Bucket | Colors: 1  | Material: 100% raffia | Care: Do not wash

Why it’s Great: Bald men, rejoice! Here is one of the best hats for bald men, regardless of the season. The Ventile Dad Cap is part of Stiksen’s waterproof collection, meaning it thrives in wind, rain, snow, heat, and even extreme weather. Ventile was created for wartime pilots flying over the Atlantic that needed a cool, comfortable hat for the cockpit that was also warm and impenetrable if it came into contact with water. We love hats with history.

How it feels: Functionality-wise, it’s lightweight, breathable, and wind-resistant, but it’s also pretty dang attractive. It has beautiful structure and seams that show how much care goes into making each hat, which happen to be woven in Switzerland.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Because it comes in three different sizes, you’ll have to measure the circumference of your head before purchasing. Slight annoyance aside, however, once you find your correct hat, you’ll likely love the perfect fit.

Type: Dad cap  | Colors: 5  | Material: 100% waterproof cotton | Care: Hand wash only

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What To Look For In The Best Hats For Bald Men 

Type of hat

The ideal hats for bald guys are either a dad cap, panama hat, beanie, or bucket hat. Sun hats work too, and are especially good for protecting the skin on the top of your head from strong rays. Ultimately, however, as long as you choose a hat you love, you’re good.


While baseball caps and dad caps are good for all seasons, certain hats work well at different times of year. A bucket hat, for instance, is cute anytime, but is most often worn in spring and summer. Panama hats are light and cool and also great for summer. If they’re thick and made of wool or cashmere, beanies are reserved for winter time. Lighter beanies can be worn anytime, but they don’t come with a brim to protect your face from the sun.


Hats come in different sizes so you have a perfect fit. If they’re more of a one-size-fits-all, look for features like an adjustable strap at the back of the hat. Bucket hats don’t have this feature, but they should be worn slightly roomy and shouldn’t feel tight on the head. If needed, measure the circumference of your head and plan your purchases accordingly.

Why you should trust us

As a fashion and grooming writer at Fashionbeans, I combine my years in the business with my research skills to bring you the best recommendations. I’ve considered all of the best brands, the most popular styles, and customer reviews to whittle down a list of thousands to just the top few. Ultimately, you should be able to find your ideal cap from this list.

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Final Verdict 

The best hats for bald men offer ample protection from the sun and elements, regardless of the season. They should be relatively on-trend but mostly, they should reflect your personal style. Look for great built-in features like waterproofing and wind-proofing that Stiksen 105 Ventile hat has. It’s perfect for all kinds of weather and comes in various sizes for your ideal fit.


    • If you’ve clipped your hair down to the skin, you need a warm hat like a beanie for winter, or a cooling hat like a bucket, panama, or waterproof baseball cap for summer.

      • Bald guys wear beanies to protect their head from the cold, wind, and sun, and to frame their face in lieu of hair.

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